The Briefing Sessions on the Overseas Internship Program 2020

The Briefing Sessions on the Overseas Internship Program will be held as below.
It will be held online, using web meeting application “Cisco Webex”.
Please send an email to the email address below with your information (name, student ID No., school/graduate school you belong to, DC/MC/BC).
We will send you the URL you can access to the sessions.

(Please replace “◆” into “@” when you send an email to us.)


the poster of the sessions is here.


the 1st time Briefing Session: July 13th (Mon) 17:30~18:30
・École nationale supérieure de mécanique et d’aérotechnique(France)
・International Islamic University Malaysia(Malaysia)
・University of Nice Sophia Antipolis(France)
・Tianjin University(China)
・Takasago Singapore Pte. Ltd.(Singapore)


the 2nd time Briefing Session: July 16th (Thu) 9:40~11:00
・International Islamic University Malaysia(Malaysia)
・École Polytechnique(France)
・Czech Technical University in Prague(Czech Republic)
・Chulalongkorn University(Thailand)
・Royal Institute of Technology(Sweden)
・Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich(Switzerland)


the 3rd time Briefing Session: July 22nd (Wed) 17:00~18:30
・Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(Korea)
・Seoul National University(Korea)
・Medical University of Graz(Austria)
・Université Lille I(France)
・Jožef Stefan Institute(Slovenia)
・Steinmuller Engineering(Germany)
・Chulalongkorn University(Thailand)