Activities of the e-Learning Initiatives

PR Video

The video below (8 minutes and 44 seconds) highlights the activities of the e-Learning Initiatives.

Divided Versions of the PR Video

Divided versions of the above video are available below.

e-Learning Initiatives Track Record

The staff of the e-Learning Initiatives work to develop systems that meet the needs of Hokkaido University faculty members and students. To date, lectures on 80 graduate courses have been videotaped and broadcast. CEED’s e-learning content is available to all Hokkaido University students, and may be used to earn credits by students who have difficulty attending actual classes for unavoidable reasons.

Flow of e-Learning Content Production

As a general rule, ordinary lectures (with students) are videotaped. Instructors are asked to wear a microphone during the lectures and review edited versions of the videos. The broadcasting of content begins in the semester after that in which it is produced, although this timing may be changed. CEED’s e-Learning Initiatives staff also work to provide multilingual content for lectures.

CEED’s ICT Educational Environment

The e-Learning Initiatives has all the equipment necessary for e-learning content production. Staff can install equipment to videotape lectures in ordinary lecture rooms.
There is also a lecture room dedicated to content production. It is equipped with an HD projector, an electronic whiteboard and 16 iPads.
The e-Learning Initiatives incorporates various teaching methods involving the use of ICT based on instructor requests.

Advantages of Content Production

CEED’s e-learning content helps students to prepare for and review classwork. Time freed up using such materials to teach the basics allows instructors to devote more time to exercises in the classroom. As well as producing content, the e-Learning Initiatives also provides advice on the effective utilization of e-learning and ICT education.

Examples of Video Production for Events other than Lectures

In addition to lectures, e-Learning Initiatives staff also videotape workshops for students and faculty members for content production and live lecture broadcasting to students in other classes. Examples of videotaping for non-lecture events include production for a laboratory equipment manual. Staff provide support for all work involved in the process from videotaping and editing to broadcasting. Contact e-Learning Initiatives staff for information on videotaping non-lecture events.