Viewing e-Learning Courses

Offering video lectures via the Internet

CEED offers video lectures in the Graduate School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering and the School of Engineering via the Internet. Students falling into any of the following categories are eligible to view them upon approval of their applications:

  • Hokkaido University students (including auditors, credited auditors and other Hokkaido University members)
  • Interns
  • Students of Hokkaido University’s partner institutions

Students who have difficulty in attending regular face-to-face classes due to unavoidable reasons can earn credits by using CEED’s e-learning resources. Students seeking credit recognition are required to read the website regarding credit recognition using e-learning materials.

Application to use the e-learning system (for viewing only)

This section provides a brief overview of the application procedures for viewing e-learning content.
For more information on the procedures, see the System User Manual (for Students).

In the case of students would like to view e-learning.
“I would like to view lectures I’m interested in!”
“I would like to view them to prepare/review for regular face-to-face classes!”

Create your account of e-learning system.

Log in to the CEED’s e-learning system and apply for enrollment in courses.
Select the course(s) you would like to view by clicking “For viewing only”, then click “Submit your application for enrollment” to submit it.

When you receive a message from CEED, you can view the course(s).
If you do not receive any message within 2 business days, please contact CEED.

Cancellation of course registration

Accounts do not expire at the end of each academic year.
However, all course registrations are canceled at the end of an academic year (on 31st Mar.) for confirmation school register. If students continue to view the same course in a new academic year, they will need to apply for course enrollment again after April.
If all course registrations are canceled, the grade data which show how much of the videos students have viewed will remain at their accounts. If you would like to take over the grade data, please apply for course enrollment again using exactly in the same account.

e-Learning system maintenance

System maintenance is scheduled on the third Monday of each month from 09:00 to 12:00. If this day falls on a public holiday, etc., system maintenance will be conducted on the following business day from 09:00 to 12:00. During this period, the system will be down and inaccessible.

System requirements

As of November 1, 2020
Operating system: Windows10, macOS10.15.6(Catalina), iOS13.6, iPadOS13.6, Android10 or later
Internet browser: MicrosoftEdge, GoogleChrome, Firefox, Safari (All latest)
Internet connection: ADSL (12 Mbps) or higher


For inquiries about the e-learning system, contact CEED’s e-Learning Initiatives. For inquiries about lectures, assignments and other course details, direct your questions to the course instructors in charge.

Contact for inquiries

CEED e-Learning Initiatives
Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Tel.:011-706-7168 (ex. 7168)
*Replace ◆ with an at sign.