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*Information as of March. We will update as soon as possible.

Internship registration procedures

Firstly, please complete the online registration from here (Pages for on-campus browsing only). You are recommended to register with the internship program even if you are undecided on whether or not to take internship training. You won’t have to participate in an internship because you have registered. Through registration, however, you are able to gain further information about internships. If you are unsure on how to register, please download the registration guide. (Online internship application guide(PDF 1.31MB)

Students who intend to participate in an internship program should complete the registration procedures according to the following instructions. Since both Internship I and II are full-year subjects, there is no time limit for the submission of enrollment applications. If you apply for an internship but don’t subsequently take part in one, you will not be subject to evaluation. (D grade is not given.)

Step 1

Participate in a guidance session (orientation program). [Early April]


Step 2

  1. Enrollment applications: Submit enrollment applications for Internship I or II to any of the following offices.
    • Those in the Graduate School of Engineering → Window No. 2, Academic Affairs Division, Administration Office for Engineering.
    • Those in the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology → Academic Affairs Staff, Information Office.
    • Those in the Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering → Academic Affairs Staff, Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering Office.
  2. Registration for internship participation application: Complete the online registration.
  3. Registration for student report on internship purposes: Complete the online registration.
Search for companies offering internship


  • Career center (for domestic internships only)
    → Applications accepted from mid-May, which will appear on the CEED website or university notice boards. On the application form, be sure to check the box, “Registration for Career Center” (at the time of registration for internship participation application in Step 2.2).
  • Graduate School of Engineering/Graduate School of Information Science and Technology/Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering (for domestic/overseas internships)
    → Recruitment information that arrives at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology will appear on the CEED website.
  • Introduction from supervisors (for domestic/overseas internships)
  • Public application Gain information from internship introduction sites, corporate websites, etc.
  • IAESTE (for overseas internships only)
    → Application period: from September to October in year prior to internship participation
Determine companies at which you would like to undertake an internship.

Step 4

*Required documents should be submitted no later than 30 days before participation.

  1. Certificate of confirmation and approval for internship participation: The certificate with your supervisor’s signature should be submitted to the CEED office.
    (The form can be downloaded from here.)
  2. Acceptance document from the host company: The document, with the following four items filled out, should be submitted to the CEED office.
    *1. Participant’s name 2. Host company’s name
    3. Internship period 4. Operation contents or research theme (Printed e-mail documents are acceptable.)
  3. Registration of your preferred internship location: Complete the online registration.
    Participants are supposed to consult with CEED staff regarding the scheduling of internship programs. → Request travel agencies to estimate the required expenses.
  4. Application procedures for expense support: *Follow the procedures below only when needed.
    1. Estimate (including travel expenses) – Get estimates from two or more travel agencies.
    2. Application for expense support – Complete the online registration based on the estimate.
    3. Submit the estimate to the CEED office.
      Note: Do not buy any tickets until expenses have been approved by the CEED office.
  • Confirmation of internship participation and expense support:
    Approval of applications will be notified to the students, their supervisors and the attending school’s office.
    Note: When applying for expense support, air tickets should only be purchased after receiving confirmation of internship participation.
  • Evaluation request to host companies:
    For participants in domestic internships, the CEED office requests host companies to evaluate their performance.
    Participants in overseas internships should take evaluation sheets with them and request the host companies to evaluate their performance.

Step 5

Insurance subscription: Participants in domestic internships – Liability Insurance Coupled with PAS) (Total of two)
Participants in overseas internships – Liability Insurance Coupled with PAS) and Overseas Internship Insurance (Total of three)
(Participants in domestic internships should take out the necessary insurance immediately after receiving confirmation, while participants in overseas internships should do so as soon as possible after the internship has been arranged.)


Step 6

Students are recommended to take preliminary training sessions before participation.

Internship participation

Step 7

  1. Internship report: Complete the online registration.
  2. Receipts and air ticket stubs should be submitted to the CEED office immediately after the internship program. *Persons eligible for expense support only
  3. Participants in overseas internships should submit evaluation sheets evaluated by host companies to the CEED office. *For participants in domestic internships, host companies are supposed to send evaluation sheets to the CEED office.

Step 8

Attend a debriefing session on internship experiences. [when needed]

Performance evaluation

*Participants’ performances are evaluated in the second semester.