About CEED


○The Center for Engineering Education Development (CEED) offers practical education programs to students of the Graduate School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology that will take them beyond the boundaries of their specializations.

What is society looking for now?

●Students do not recognize their abilities

●Society does not notice students’ abilities

Abilities expected of engineering students today

●Abilities that are important in a job

◎Ability to think analytically
◎Ability to come up with new ideas or solutions
◎Knowledge concerning an academic discipline and a field of specialization learned at the university

●Abilities to be further nurtured

◎Ability to come up with new ideas or solutions
◎Ability to write and speak in foreign languages
◎Presentation skills

*Excerpts from a Hokkaido University survey entitled “Survey intended for graduates of this university concerning outcomes of completing university education (January 2008.)”

Aspiring to become hands-on leaders

We aspire to develop human resources who have the abilities/qualities listed below in addition to the basic knowledge of their areas of specialization and research skills, and who can assume hands-on leadership roles in industry and academic circles:
◎The ability to apply an extensive knowledge, to identify and solve problems and to plan
◎Leadership skills, a sense of teamwork and unifying power
◎International communication skills and a broad perspective
◎Engineering ethics and comprehensive abilities to practice to take the environment and safety into consideration

Aspiring to become hands-on leaders

CEED education programs

●Industry-Academia Collaborative Program

Long-term overseas internships
Long- and short-term domestic internships
Hosting of international interns

●Intercultural Education Program

Practical English for Science and Engineering
Brush-up English
Preparation for Internship Abroad

●e-Learning Initiatives

Education program with e-learning
Support for content creation
Distance learning support for off-campus students
ICT for education

Here is the link of Comprehensive Youth Development Project.

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