Overseas Internship Q&A

Q1: How can students find host bodies offering internships?

A1: Most students are accepted by universities where acquaintances or friends of their supervisors work.

Q2: How much does it cost to participate in an internship?

A2: Travel expenses are fully or partially covered by the CEED. Living expenses during the internship are paid by students themselves. However, some universities provide financial support to students. (In that case, a special agreement is concluded between the universities and Hokkaido University.) Since universities that provide financial support to students are very popular, students who can participate in internships at these universities are determined through screening. For further information, please attend the internship guidance session held every April, or contact the CEED.

Q3: How can students receive financial support from the CEED?

A3: To receive financial support, students are requested to take either Internship I or II offered by the CEED. Be aware that after completing both of these internships, students are no longer eligible for financial support for future internships.

Q4: How can students take Internship I or II?

A4: Firstly, please attend the internship guidance session held in early April. If it is impossible to attend the session, send an e-mail to the CEED.

Q5: How long do most students participate in internship programs?

A5: In most cases, students participate in the internships for one month and a half or for two months, although some students take a year off from school and take part in a year-long internship.