Check whether the system requirements are met.

As of April 14, 2023, CEED recommends the following environment for optimum viewing of its e-learning content:

Operating system: Windows10, macOS10.15.6(Catalina), iOS13.6, iPadOS13.6, Android10 or later
Internet browser: MicrosoftEdge, GoogleChrome, Firefox, Safari (All latest)
Internet connection: ADSL (12 Mbps) or higher

Videos may also be viewed in other environments, but CEED does not guarantee correct operation in environments other than those specified above.
Even if your viewing environment meets the requirements, the video player may not display properly on portrait display devices such as smartphones. When viewing on such devices, it is recommended that the video be displayed in landscape orientation.

If videos are still not playing despite having checked the above items,

Contact CEED’s e-Learning Initiatives. With any inquiries, the provision of the following information may be helpful in researching the problem.

  1. Audio-visual device type (e.g., desktop PC, laptop, tablet computer, mobile device)
  2. OS and its version (e.g., Windows10、Windows11、macOSVentura、iOS、Android10、etc…)
  3. Internet connections (e.g., ADSL, optical cable, mobile router, Wi-Fi free spots, 4G LTE)
  4. Browser and its version (e.g., MicrosoftEdge, GoogleChrome, Firefox, Safari, version xx)
  5. Whether or not you have checked the items on this page

Contact for inquiries:
CEED e-Learning Initiatives
Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Tel.:011-706-7168 (ex. 7168)
*Replace ◆ with an at sign.