Domestic Internship (for HU students)

Approximately 40 students annually take Internship I (5 or more actual working days) or Internship II (15 or more actual working days) and participate in internships at domestic companies. These two courses are restricted to those who wish to participate in a domestic internship at a company or national laboratory. (The CEED doesn’t regard research at other domestic universities as an internship.)

In addition, the CEED doesn’t support domestic internships at companies that directly lead to subsequent employment. This is because internship programs are designed to be first and foremost useful and instructive for students’ future academic lives and social lives.

First of all, students who are interested in internships are required to enter the online registration system of the CEED internship program from the tab below and complete online registration. If you have even the slightest interest in overseas/domestic internships, please register on either or both of these programs. You don’t have to participate in an internship because you have registered. By registering, however, you are able to gain more information on internships via e-mail.

Although applications for domestic internships can be accepted by the Career Center, all applications by engineering-related students are supposed to be accepted by the CEED, in accordance with the agreement between the Career Center and the CEED. If online registration on the CEED’s website has been completed, as stated above, applications for internships hosted by the Career Center can be made online.

Registration before participating in an internship
Internship registration (Pages for on-campus browsing only)

List of companies and universities that host students who wish to participate in an internship
Companies That Accept Internship Applications (Pages for on-campus browsing only)

Frequently asked questions on domestic internships
Q&A regarding domestic internships