For Current Students

This page is an information portal for current Hokkaido University students. Access the information you are interested in from the categories below.

CEED Program Guidance for 2024

If you are considering participating in any of the courses or programs offered by CEED, we encourage you to watch the guidance videos by clicking on the links below.
*The linked videos will only be available if you have logged in with the Google account associated with the ELMS.
Overview of CEED Program
The function of Science and Technology Policy
Industry-Academia Collaborative Program
Intercultural Education Program

For students who are interested in internships

CEED provides support to students wishing to gain internship experience. The necessary procedures vary by the type of host institution: domestic institutions, overseas institutions, companies and universities. Click on the link(s) below for the relevant information.

Overseas Internship
Domestic Internship
Companies That Accept Internship Applications (Pages for on-campus browsing only)

For students who want to acquire English proficiency

CEED provides support to students wishing to gain academic English proficiency and those wishing to organize international events. Click on the link(s) below for the relevant information.

Technical Writing and Presentation Program
Brush-Up English
Student Initiated Activities to Promote International Exchanges

For students who want to take graduate program classes away from the university

CEED provides e-learning courses to support students who have difficulty attending classes for reasons such as living in remote locations and studying overseas as well as those who can attend classes but want to use an e-learning system for preparing and reviewing their classwork. Click on the link(s) below for the relevant information.

Broadcasting e-Learning Courses
Viewing e-Learning Courses
Credit Recognition Using e-Learning Materials
List of Broadcast Courses

Troubleshooting in e-learning

With your computer’s operating system, browser and/or other settings, you may be unable to access e-learning content. Click on the link(s) below for troubleshooting.

System User Manual (for Students)

If the above information does not solve your problem, contact the e-Learning Initiatives.
E-mail: ceed-eL◆
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