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Sanitation Education Program 150406

Sanitation Education Program 150406

New lectures produced by CEED are released on YouTube.
【Social Aspect】Integrated Water Resources Management and World Water Policy
Lecturer : Associate Prof. Takako NABESHIMA, Hokkaido University

【The Case Study】Community-based Total Sanitation in Indonesia: Policy and Experiences
Lecturer : Dr. Neni Sintawadani, Indonesian Institute of Sciences


■ Overview ■
Welcome to “Sanitation Education Program.”
Our project “Resources Oriented Sanitation Science Platform” releases “Sanitation Education Program” which is open educational resource relating to water and sanitation in the world.
“Can you urge on people who have not have Toilets the necessity of using them?”
MDGs report 2010 by UN is saying that 48% of the population in developing regions was without basic sanitation in 2008. The two regions facing the greatest challenges are sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia, where 69% and 64% of the population, respectively, lack access.
Our project chose three area as pilot sites in Burkina Faso, Indonesia and Zambia and are discussing about resources oriented sanitation system by focusing on the following such related topics as
 - The models for rural area and peri-urban (slum) area
 - The business model for installing sanitation system
 - The technologies for feces, urine and grey water reuse and transportation
 - The agricultural technologies for wise and optimal uses of compost and urine.
Engineering for hardware, Agricultural technologies which enhances the value of sanitation, Health science relating to human health and Study of public policy which is to consider how to install the appropriate sanitation system strongly depends on the local culture, environment and social system…
This Educational program contains lecture videos which many experts explain about water and sanitation from the each point of view.
We are strongly hoping that you will be able to find your own solution by comparing the cases in this materials.

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■ Lectures ■(Coming soon!)
●Introduction (3 lectures)
 Key Words: Water, Sanitation, Engineering, Value System, Religion, Poverty Cycle

●Social Aspect (4 lectures)
 Key Words: Policy, Tradition, Finance, Business Model, Integrated Water Resource Management

●Technical Aspect (5 lectures)
 Key Words: Composting Toilet, Grey Water Reclamation, Agriculture Reuse Technology

●Human (3 lectures)
 Key Words: Pathogen, Health Risk, Quality Of Life

●The Case Study (3 lectures)
 -Burkina Faso (Rural area)
 -Indonesia (Urban slum)
 -Zambia (Peri-urban area)

●Summary (1 lectures)

Our project is composed of researchers of Hokkaido University (Japan), The Indonesian Institute of Sciences, 2iE International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (Burkina Faso) and University of Zambia Integrated Water Resources Management Centre and supported by JSPS(Japan Society for The Promotion of Science).