Reopening of the e-Learning System

To Users of the CEED e-Learning System

The maintenance has been completed and the system has reopened.
Applications are now being accepted for the new academic year.

We have deactivated all course registrations for the purpose of confirming student status, and we ask that you re-apply for courses that you wish to continue to view in academic year 2023. If you apply again using the same account as before, your viewing record will be retained. If you have forgotten your account information, please contact the administrator.

In addition, there are some changes in the handling of courses, such as the availability of courses for credit acquisition, from the new academic year.
Please check the updated List of Broadcast Courses to be available when applying to reapply for courses.

*If you change your affiliation from undergraduate to graduate school, please apply for courses using the new student number issued by the graduate school. Please note that you will not be able to register for courses even if you apply with your undergraduate student number. Please apply after receiving your new student ID card.

CEED e-Learning System Administrator
Email:ceed-eL◆ (*Replace ◆ with an at sign.)